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In this article, we will list casino payment methods which will be very helpful before you choose your casino.


PayLevo is generally more known as Kriita. A company that have been providing invoice purchases on the internet for many years now. And nowadays also for PayLevo gaming companies. PayLevo works as creditors and reviews your credit rating to set up a limit depending on your history, income and age. The maximum limit for doing a deposit with PayLevo stretches initially up to 300 Euro. But depending on your economic situation the limit may be increased or decreased.

If you are to use this kind of service and play on a casino with invoice payment. You are better off paying your invoice in time. 20 days after applying and receiving credits on your account your invoice must be paid back to PayLevo. The fee per invoice is 6 Euro, with an interest per unpaid invoice of 20 % of the original cost. So it is recommended that you stick to this kind of service only as a compliment. And with the insurance that you can afford to pay your invoice in time.

PayLevo Casinos

PayLevo is a service that works quickly and safely. It can be used as your default method for depositing credits or as a compliment for another method. It has been discussed whether or not it should be an option to gamble online through invoice payment. Whereas we think it should be every individual own responsibility to handle their economy. We simply think that if you choose to gamble online at a casino. You are well aware of the risks and consequences that follow.

Here at, I think that PayLevo is a good and safe option. If you were to limit your wagering by 300 Euro, for instance. This method for paying is optimal. A safe and controlled way to gamble with a certain budget each month.

This is how PayLevo works at Swedish casinos online

Here at, I recommend a fair share of casinos online that offers their customers the option to use PayLevo and invoice payment. To apply for credits and money via PayLevo at the casino. You simply go to the bank in which you have your account and follow the given instructions step by step, to be given a credit check followed by credits deposited to your account. To be allowed to use this kind of service you need to be free from existing debts with PayLevo.

PayLevo deposits your money into your personal casino account directly after your application has been approved. Within 20 days the invoice must then be paid together with the invoice fee of 6 Euros and the administration fee of 3 Euro.

If you have a solid credit rating and have used the service in the past, you can ask for an increased deposit limit. Above the current 300 Euro.

If you wish to start playing online casino games at a casino that uses PayLevo. Click here to be transferred to our complete list of casinos that uses this service.

Why would a casino use PayLevo as a payment method?

PayLevo, earlier known as Kriita, is an invoice payment service that works just like any other similar service. It may be considered unsafe and risky for an online casino to use this kind of payment method – initially. But paying via invoice payment is a choice that is taken by every man himself, just as gambling itself. Casinos are trying to apply as many payment methods as possible, only to make it more viable to deposit and play as effective and simple as possible. PayLevo is just one of many of the methods that are offered at an online casino.

The perks of using PayLevo is that you make your playing a lot more controllable and therefore safe (granted that you can afford to pay your invoice). Many customers prefer this type of method because of its fast use, and the overview that is given of your playing. Here at we recommend several safe and trustworthy UK casinos that offer PayLevo’s services.

Remember that online gambling is risky and that there are no guarantees of winning what so ever. Everyone who gambles with their own money must understand the consequences and using invoice payment is no different. But all together, this is a fast and safe method that makes a great compliment. Which is why we recommend PayLevo to all our customers who wish to have a good and cheap method for depositing money via invoice payment.

Puggle Play

When it comes to payment methods there is nothing that is more discussed than gambling online with invoice payment. PugglePay is a payment method service that gives you a chance to gamble for invoice payment if you meet the requirements. The perk of using this kind of method is that you won’t have to state your card information or other details. If you are extra cautious about your integrity, this kind of method is a safe way to pay. We highly recommend that everyone who decides to use this method make sure that your economy is balanced and that you understand the consequences that come from unpaid debts.Casino payment method

Using this method is safe and great, but only under the conditions that you, in fact, have control over your private economy and takes responsibility when it comes to managing your payments. PugglePay can be considered a compliment, a solution or as your monthly gambling budget. You can turn this into your advantage as long as you take responsibility.

If you were to twist the debate a little bit further, you could state that people who gamble online, ought to have a good understanding of their own private economy – you should never play for money that you don’t have, no matter if you chose to pay through invoice payment or by credit card.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should use PugglePay on casinos and how it works.

Online casinos that offer payment through PugglePay

This is how PugglePay works at a casino

First of all, you need to have an active subscription or a registered credit card linked with your personal information to be able to use PugglePay. This service works in such a way that you first have to verify your account at your casino of choice with your cellphone number. PugglePay then sends you a text message if you indeed have chosen this as your method for paying. To then confirm your credit rating.

The perks of the safety of this method require that no other than you have access to personal codes, your cellphone or personal information. Identification is made by central databases who goes through your cellphone number together with your personal information.

This is how you, step by step, starts playing on casino with invoice payment:

You will have to go to your casino account for cellphone number confirmation. Choose PugglePay as your payment of choice when you want to deposit and then follow the given steps. Enter the amount of money that you wish to deposit and then enter your cellphone number linked to your personal information. The following minutes you should receive a text message with a code for verification. Use your verification code at your casino of choice together with your credit information.

PugglePay will now deposit money to your account together with an invoice that must be paid in the next 14 days. The invoice will be sent by text message, e-mail and regular mail. It is important to notice that the amount you applied for and received won’t be withdrawn from your credit card but will be sent as an independent invoice. We want to reassure you that there is an added fee of 5 Euro for invoice payments and a very high interest if you were to not pay your invoice in time. If you want to use this method, make sure that you pay back in time.

Why are casinos using a payment method like PugglePay?

There are many reasons for using this type of method, even though it at first thought may seem like a way for a casino to simply lure young and dumb people into gambling addiction. We would absolutely like to state that this is not true at all. There are many other ways that are much easier for getting into big debts with credit cards etcetera. PugglePay have personal limitations set according to your credit rating.

If you were to misuse the method you will lose the option for invoice payment in the blink of an eye. We choose to see it as a compliment. If you are waiting for your salary for instance. Or if you were to lose your bank remote, or simply don’t want to apply for your credit card online. What we are trying to say is, using invoice payment doesn’t have to be a bad thing when playing at an online casino. But should be appreciated as an option that we think can be helpful and futuristic.

UK casinos generally take responsibility for all their customers. You can set personal limits and receive help if you were to build a gambling addiction. If you would like to close your account for good this is also an option.

To use PugglePay at casinos is both safe and comfortable. If you can take responsibility, this method is just as good. If not better, like any other viable option. One thing is for sure, more and more companies. No matter the industry can nowadays offer invoice payment for their customers. PugglePay is a great service that helps many customers.

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